Aegis Talisman


Pronounced "eyeguss," the Aegis is a talisman for the home designed by jewelry designer Barbara Klar.

The Aegis has its origins in many mythologies as a protective shield. Barbara has designed this Hand of Protection to be hung in the home next to an interior doorway or window to protect its inhabitants and contents. All the symbols are derived from Egyptian, Greek, American Indian and Alien mythology and include an identifying symbol card in a clear acrylic gift box. The Aegis is perfect as a wedding gift or as a gift for a new home. It is hand-made in the USA from pewter with a pink or yellow-gold plated central "Eye of Protection".

It originally was derived from the protective shield associated with a religious figure when related in myths and images. The wearing of the Aegis and its contents show sponsorship, protection, or authority derived from yet a higher source or deity. The name has been extended to many other entities, and the concept of a protective shield is found in other mythologies, while its form varies across sources.

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ITEM: Aegis:  $39
Sterling Silver and White Topaz. 4 in. length X 2.25 in. wide X .25 in. thick. Please specify pink or yellow gold "Eye of God: central heart".