Selected Testimonials



"I wanted to express my appreciation again for the beautiful BoBo charm you created. You not only create tangible beauty, but you have the gift of touching the inner soul.  It has been a very difficult time for me since losing my dog, BoBo.  We were very close and his loss has been very painful. Somehow, this charm helps me to feel connected to him once more and I sincerely thank you for that intangible gift. You are the BEST!!!" -Ava

"You have officially installed jewel lust in me! I showed Robbie the photo of that fat ring you had a picture of, for the next thing you're doing, and he said, oh my! Damn! I wish I could get that for you for your 50th birthday! But, then he said, but you probably have enough rings, and I said, I could NEVER have enough of Barbara's rings." - Blair

"I've been so happy with the beautiful pieces I've bought from you over the years that still remain a staple of my daily wear. Seriously! I can tell you that the earrings and rings I've purchased from you are still worn nearly everyday. They are timeless!

I'm amazed at how consistent your productivity and creativity remain. Very impressive!" - Candida

"Back in the early '90's, I worked down the street from the Clear Metals store on Thompson Street in Manhattan. My hard-earned money did little more than pay my rent. Every so often I went down the street and 'visited' my earrings at Clear Metals. They weren't anything crazy; simple gold hoops, but they were the ultimate simple gold hoops; perfect size, weighty, completely unadorned except for their perfect design. When I got a Christmas bonus, I knew exactly what I was getting. Those earrings are still my go-to, perfect earrings, and remind me of those days down in Soho every time I put them on. Spending wisely doesn't necessarily mean denying yourself!" - Anonymous

"For fifteen years Barbara Klar has dazzled me. Not only does her work boast an unambivalent clarity and strength, but also the experience of wearing it imbues the lucky bearer with a rare combination of knowing sensuality and spiritual calm.

What makes these qualities even more appealing, however, is that they all originate - and emanate - directly from Barbara.

Her enthusiasm for her craft is evident from the spark in her eyes when she's surrounded by her work and the timbre of her voice as she describes the inspiration for her pieces. Her workmanship is uncommon and impeccable. But just making and selling great merchandise is not enough for her. Barbara eagerness to have you understand the power of stones, to appreciate the process of casting, finishing, detailing, and to make jewelry a vital part of everyday life is so infectious, so irresistible, and ultimately, so edifying, that the emotional bond that people have with jewelry - stronger than any other form of wearable art - is made even stronger.

I envy all those who may have the time and the good fortune to be surrounded & enveloped by her work."

- Hal

"I wear a necklace you made, a heart with wings, every day. I teach art in a middle school...and the students are very inspired by the necklace..many have commented on it... I look at it as a symbol of the love of art and also a new found philosophy: 'Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over...'" -Jeanne