Most of these earrings feature a handmade "Lock-Down" mechanism. The ear wires are hinged and lock down with a "click" for safety. This is one of the most secure mechanisms possible and these earrings are the best types of earrings for everyday wear.

The ear wires are upgraded to 19 gauge which is a bit heavier than commercial earwires. It is our belief that by minimally increasing the diameter/gauge of the earwire, the earlobe piercing does not tend to tear or drag over time. Some clients may experience a bit of soreness when upgrading to this slightly thicker earwire. It is recommended that you wear the earrings in place and add alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to the piercing. After several days, your ear will no longer be tender.

FYI: After several years the silver mechanisms may need a "tune-up" adjustment if you are no longer hearing a "click" when the ear wire is locked down. All earrings are matched by pairs when created. If you have purchased a pair and have lost one earring and would like to replace the mate, it is necessary to email us and return the original for proper matching in our studio.


*Please Note:  Gold Prices have sufficiently risen recently so all GOLD prices may not be current.  Please email or call prior to purchasing gold