This Leather Cord Necklace features hammered sterling silver cord ends. The leather is riveted and glued, which is very secure. The hook part of the necklace clasps onto a split ring (much like a key ring) where the charms can be individually "wound" onto the split ring. The leather is round, a little over ¼ in. in diameter. For everyday activewear, simply squeeze the hook part of the clasp for extra security. The leather will become smoother with wear and can be treated occasionally with a little handcream to keep it supple. (Charms are sold separately)

ITEM LC156A: $128   s/s 16.5 inches

ITEM LC156B: $132  s/s 18 inches

ITEM LC156C:  14KY $850 16.5 inches

ITEMLC156D:   14KY $855  18 inches