Private Commissions and Special Orders:

One of Barbara's favorite aspects of her work is designing jewelry pieces for clients, or special orders. Often a piece can be fashioned after another previous creation with little or no alteration (limited edition), but often her customer will come to her with a stone or an idea and ask her to custom-design something special. Find out More here, or to see the process in action check this guide out.

This is how it works:

An initial meeting or phone call is the beginning. Since Barbara's work is so eclectic, she can work in many different styles and in this first discussion, a sense of style is established. At this time, Barbara will require a deposit of $200 which will provide the client with a series of drawings from which to choose. This fee is deductible from the total cost of the commission once it moves forward into production of the final piece. If the commission does not move forward, this deposit acts as Barbara's fee for the drawings. Drawings can be viewed in person, via the internet, faxed or mailed.

Stones may be required by the customer for viewing or the customer may have their own stone. If the stones are required by the customer from which to choose, Barbara will shop the stone(s) and a second meeting is necessary for the client to pick the stone(s). Once the drawing and stones have been chosen, Barbara proceeds to the making of the piece. At this time the estimated payment of the piece is required (less initial payment). Depending upon technical factors, the client may or may not need to see the piece unless a fitting is necessary. This entire process usually takes from two to 8 weeks depending upon the complexity of the design.

The cost of the jewelry in metal weight and the time factor in the creative process of a one-of-a-kind piece is calculated by BK. It is important to remember that these factors are estimates since this piece has never been made before. If, in fact, a time estimate or metal estimate is in error during the creative process, it is protocol to discuss all information with the client prior to moving forward at any point to avoid end-of-process financial surprises.

For a special order or commission, please call Barbara at 845-439-3707 or email her at